Lean & Green is a quick and healthy restaurant for those who are health conscious and beauty minded. 

Our purpose is to satisfy the need to eat healthy on the go. 


We provide food without fillers that has not been processed. Everything we serve is 100% natural and organic


Our kitchen is placed out front, so you can see your food and you are part of creating your meal.

Salads are never pre-made, but made to order by you using only the freshest organic produce.

Meats are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.
We only buy from the finest farms.


Smoothies are made with 100% juice and 100% fruit, no added sherbet or sugar. 


Shots are always 100% pure. Nothing added. Since you are only taking 2oz per shot, we feel that you should get everything you deserve.

Kids menu is made for healthy kids on the go, providing fresh fruit and veggies, 100% juices, and healthy sandwiches.


For those who like their juice chilled, we serve our juice on 100% ice cubes.

mixed bowls.jpg
fruit salad.jpg

Breakfast is the most important meal. So we serve Steamed eggs, Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal, Acai Bowl with fresh fruit; foods that feed you body, mind and soul.

We are all about snacks that won’t make you feel guilty.
Our snacks will give you the sustainable energy and balance that your body requires.

Our goal is to provide the healthiest, most flavorful food available. We focus on the premium, organic products that Mother Nature provides, while continuing to educate the public on our need to give back to Mother Nature.


We’re not only about being “Lean”; we’re “Green” too.
All our containers plates are compostable.  

Our cups are made out of corn starch. We recycle and challenge you to do the same.




A great place for a super healthy lunch. I could customize my own salad, it was so good.
And so big too! The staff is very nice, the area clean and comfortable.

I would highly recommend this place.



OMG!!!! I just had the BEST bean & cheese burrito EVER!!! Good god, it puts my grandma’s B&C; to shame (and we’re Mexican!!) it’s no longer on their current menu but they were kind enough to make it for me, and I’m so thankful they did bc it was truly delicious!!! Don’t know if it was the black beans or the raw cheese but it was the BEST EVER!!!



This is truly a hidden gem in La Jolla. From the first day I found this place a few years ago I was instantly impressed and fell in love. If you’re looking for a healthy organic place to eat for lunch, this is the best option I have ever found! Best healthy food, and its all organic too. The people that work here are all amazing!