Why eating in a healthy restaurant can be good for you ?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Eating healthy is probably the most sane choice that you can make for your future. First, not harming your heart and digestive system with extra fat is probably a good chance to live longer and in a better physical state. Food with real nutrients and vitamins will give you energy and not take you out of energy. Energy is required to work productively, take care of your family, enjoy your passions and the most important in this hard time of the #covid-19 having enough strength to defend yourself against bad viruses. We like to tell people that starting a day with one of our immunity shot made with ginger, lemon juice and cayenne pepper is the way to go. After they come back to get one of our delicious healthy salads like the energy quinoa salad. Most of the time they are in a hurry but at lean and green we are a quick and healthy restaurant and customers get their delicious salad and juice in less than 10 minutes. So eating healthy can be very good for you just because you have more energy, more strength, more time to live.

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